Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fill 'er up!

Ok, so... I didn't get to get my fill on Monday-- my family managed to come down with a killer stomach bug over the weekend and I was advised that from being ill, being filled would not be the wisest thing for me to do. So, instead, I was filled on Friday! Yay! The downside? 1 cc. LOL Whatever, it's something, right?

I had 2 days of liquids, now 2 days of mushies... But, I have to admit, I think I might already feel a slight restriction. I still have head hunger issues, of course, but... I really think I FEEL something now instead of trying to rely on just my willpower-- face it... If I had much'a that I wouldn't have weighed 250 at the start of this, now would I?

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