Thursday, August 5, 2010

I have restriction!

*does a little booty dance*

Seriously? I have restriction at 1cc? I have friends who have 7 times as much in their bands that are still not feeling it as much... Maybe it's all in my head, but... Ya know what? I'll take it. I've lost 3 pounds since my fill Friday!

Now, the bad part is... I've had more than my fair share of stuck and PB episodes. Eating too fast, making wrong choices... It's come back to bite me in the butt. Which is fine. It's why I GOT the band! Did you know that steamed broccoli was a no-no? It is for me at least. I got to scuttle through a restaurant so I could yak it up in the bathroom. And obviously, macaroni and cheese is a no-no. And this morning, I forgot and took a bite of my daughter's french toast stick and that's a no-no, too. So, I now christen my band "No-No". I know some of you have named your band far cuter things, but I have a toddler and an 11 month old and "No-No" just seems appropo.

I'm really having to think a lot more about what I eat these days. We just got a new stove yesterday (our old one decided it didn't need to work anymore). Well, our new stove was delivered last night, which means I had no way to cook yesterday. So, the kids and I had lunch out. And I really had to THINK about what I could eat comfortably. We ended up at Chick-Fil-A as it's well over 100 degrees here and they have an indoor playplace where my little diva can play. I had a grilled chicken salad. Being the lovely Bandit I am, I ate the chicken first and then a bit of my salad. And I was content. Now, did I eyeball Ainsley's french fries? Yup. Did I eat 'em? Nope. I also have to confess I missed my usual chicken sandwich but I am NOT foolish enough to think bread is gonna go down.

I need to pick up some more protein shakes. I have virtually NOTHING in the house for breakfast. I mean, I do have stuff... But nothing No-No will let me have. So, might as well be nothing, huh?

My hubby has an MRI this morning of his thyroid-- the doctor felt a lump when he went in for his appointment on Monday. If you're the praying type, please lift him up. I'm certain it's nothing, but... Just in case... Prayers are ALWAYS welcomed!

Ciao, my lovelies!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fill 'er up!

Ok, so... I didn't get to get my fill on Monday-- my family managed to come down with a killer stomach bug over the weekend and I was advised that from being ill, being filled would not be the wisest thing for me to do. So, instead, I was filled on Friday! Yay! The downside? 1 cc. LOL Whatever, it's something, right?

I had 2 days of liquids, now 2 days of mushies... But, I have to admit, I think I might already feel a slight restriction. I still have head hunger issues, of course, but... I really think I FEEL something now instead of trying to rely on just my willpower-- face it... If I had much'a that I wouldn't have weighed 250 at the start of this, now would I?